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Professional Pool Maintenance Service



Every family member enjoys swimming and splashing inside the pool on hot summer days. Keeping your pool water clean is important so you and your family are safe from germs, bacteria, and viruses. At DTES - Dream Team Exterior Solutions, our team believes that clean water matters because it helps keep you and your family safe. Our pool professionals are highly skilled, trained, and licensed to handle any pool cleaning project, no matter how big or small. To learn more, we encourage you to contact us today.

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With Dream Team Exterior Solutions, your pool and/or spa will be as

clear and clean as a gem! A properly maintained, crystal clear pool increases

property value by contributing to a tremendous amount of curb appeal. No matter

if it’s a community or residential pool, everyone immediately notices a property

more when the pool is sparkling. The Dream Team will ensure that your pool is

maintained to a high standard.


Maintenance of above ground pools is not for the squeamish. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with having a body of water in your backyard. But the benefits of cooling off in the summer, watching your kids have a blast and even having a little fun yourself make it all worthwhile. For clean, healthy and of course sparkling water, let Indianapolis's #1 Pool & Hot-tub Maintenance Team handle your above ground pool maintenance.

Inflatable Pools

Our Happy Customers

Recently had a problem with my pool heater. Gabe went above and beyond to source the parts necessary to get it going before the holiday weekend. Can’t say enough about how impressed and appreciative we are with Gabe and the team at DTES.

Lenard S. 

Backyard Pool


A Commercial or residential pool is a big investment. Taking

care of it is not only keeping it clean. Proper care and maintenance will extend the

life of pool equipment and the pool itself. During professional cleaning and

maintenance, a Certified Pool Operator® will inspect the the pool walls and floor.

This inspection can identify cracks, sharp edges, and other hazards that need

repair. Finding and addressing these as quickly as possible will keep minor issues

from becoming costly repairs. Our Certified Pool Operators will check pool water

chemistry in the water and clean the filter. They will also inspect the pump and all

other pool equipment to make sure it is operating properly.


Dream Team Exterior Solutions uses the best technology and cleaning methods to keep your pool crystal clear. We keep the basic elements of the water in balance to ensure bacteria has been killed, remove organic matter, and have the water enjoyable to swim. We use a pool vacuum to remove debris from your pool or spa. Our team can vacuum your pool, leaving it squeaky clean. We can also skim the surface and remove any leaves and debris. Also, we can clean pool walls, tiles, and steps to ensure they are free of algae. Our pool professionals can wash the skimmer and pump basket to keep your pool water circulating properly.

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